Soulpreneur Space ®

Soulpreneur Space ® is more than just a business community. It's a warm and welcoming home for self-employed, passionate creators, artists, and business owners who want their soulful purpose to be front and centre of their business. It’s time to set your soul on fire, step into your purpose & shine your light into the world!

Soulpreneur Space: Elevate Your Purpose, Ignite Your Impact

Are you ready to turn your passion into purpose and make a meaningful impact in the world? 

Soulpreneur Space is the space where you step into your true calling, whether you're new to the business world or a seasoned Soulpreneur.

Why Join Soulpreneur Space ®?

Being a Business Owner can be lonely - especially if you work from home and are trying to do everything by yourself. One of the best things I ever did, was invest in a business mentor. Having expert guidance from someone who has created a thriving and successful business is priceless. But I know that not everyone can work 1-1 with a high level business coach.

Soulpreneur Space gives you the opportunity to work with me, in a group environment, at a really affordable rate. Not only will you get the benefit of my eyes on your business, but you'll connect with a community of like-minded people. You'll have support every step of the way.

You don't have to do it all by yourself.

Figuring it all out can be exhausting. And then you second guess yourself and overthink things - don't you? I know I did - until I got the expert advice I needed.

I have a background of over 20 years experience in the legal and IT worlds on top of my 14 years in the spiritual and creative arts industry. I used to be a slave to the grind, trading time for money in a corporate job. But now I have a thriving business which gives me the freedom to live life on my terms and I want the same for you - after all - that's why we become self-employed isn't it? To have more freedom and a better work/life balance.

Ready to find that success and freedom?

Join Soulpreneur Space to take your business to new heights, whether you're already in business or just starting out. Join us to have a supportive community where you can ask questions and get advice. Join us for masterclasses, training, and masterminding where you get to brainstorm with me in a group call. It's the perfect space to grow your business and be who you came here to be!

Here's what you get inside: -

Masterminding - We have fortnightly masterminding calls. These are where you get up to 15 minutes live with me in the group to ask your questions, brainstorm and get guidance. Whether you need me to review your sales page, look at your pricing, help you with social media content - you can bring whatever you need to the table.

Community - Our community is second to none. Full of supportive people who are just like you. Every single person in this space has a desire to make an impact in the world and to shine their spirituality and creativity into the world. Your kindred spirits await! There is a private Voxer chat group along with a Facebook group for sharing and chatting with the other members.

Strategy Sessions - Need a roadmap? Our quarterly strategy sessions will help you map out your sales, offers, and business strategy, so you can move forward with clarity and purpose. These sessions also help to keep you on track and in alignment with your bigger vision for success.

Business Content Library: Dive into our content library, with resources designed to support your unique business. Plus, we'll occasionally bring in guest experts to share their invaluable insights. This library will grow over time as resources are added each month. I also run a member training session each month for you on a specific topic.

Linda Testimonial

Business Success, Your Way

I'm not here to push you into a cookie-cutter business mould. Soulpreneur Space is about finding your path, living your values, and creating success on your terms.

I've poured my heart and soul into creating Soulpreneur Space, and I believe it's the perfect place for those of us who see business as more than just a means to an end. It's a place where you can blend purpose with profit and find joy in the journey.

Come and join me on the inside and build your soulful business your way!

Karen Testimonial

One more thing - You can choose to join Soulpreneur Space on its own or choose the combined membership option and join Soul Food Circle as well - joining both spaces gives you business and personal development choices at a beautifully discounted rate.

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Your quarterly strategy calls will be found in here.

What's On?

This is where you can quickly find details of call times and sessions for each month.

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