Crystal Healing Practitioner

With 22 learning modules containing 3-9 lessons in each plus additional resources, this comprehensive course will take you from crystal novice to professional practitioner.

To get started all you need is a willingness to learn, and at least one crystal (although if you have more that is fantastic!) We recommend having a clear quartz at least as your starter and if you have a chakra set of crystals you will be off to a flying start. If you need help sourcing these, get in touch!

This course starts at the beginning with the basics of crystal care and the benefits of crystal healing. It develops and grows into a course which covers specific healing techniques, subtle energy systems and spiritual development. It also covers the concepts of working as a crystal healer should you wish to do so.

At the end of each module there is a short assignment. I will personally give you feedback on these by email. To get your final certificate you need to complete all the assignments and do a case study. The course is accredited by IPHM as I am an accredited training provider with them. It also gives you 150 hours of CPD and is accredited by The CPD Group.

Are you ready to get started? Go ahead and sign up today.

Need more info? Watch the video for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Please note that the branding and colour scheme has changed since the video was recorded and the live workshops have been dropped, however you do get live contact with me as your tutor as much as you need it - with personalised feedback on assignments and case studies. Changes have also been made to the payment plans and to the live workshops after feedback from students. This course now also benefits from being registered with the CPD Group as well as the IPHM and carries 150 hours CPD.

You have live access to me within this course platform - I will personally respond to your assignments and comments. If you want further 1:1 support this can be arranged at an additional fee.

25 Modules


In this area you will find the full course manual plus various brief resources to help you get started. Treat this area as reference material.

Introduction to Crystals

This module looks at what crystals are, where they come from and provides a glossary of terminology.

Contra-indications and Healing Crisis

This module helps troubleshoot any issues that arise in healing sessions.

Common Crystals and the Bodily Systems

Bodily systems and crystals to support them.

Meridians and Kundalini

Discover the meridians and kundalini in this module.

Building your Crystal Healing Toolkit

Sourcing crystals and understanding crystal shapes.

Crystals for communication with Higher Realms

Communication with higher realms

Case Study

Your case study project


How to get your certificate at the end of the course.

Modules for this product 25
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