Crystal Chakras

Thank you for your interest in this crystal chakras course - a course that combines the energy of crystals with meditation to balance and enhance your energy centres.

The idea is that you work through the seven chakras, taking one per week, and then you can use the guided meditation provided with each chakra lesson to meditate with the energy of the crystal.

This will allow you to connect deeply with the energy of the crystal and the themed chakra of each lesson, giving you a full balancing toolkit of crystals and meditations to use any time.

*Note - When you buy the course please ensure you have a set of 7 chakra crystals to work with in each lesson.  You will need: - hematite, carnelian, citrine, green aventurine (green quartz), sodalite, amethyst and clear quartz.  You can order these from Rocks n Rituals if you need to.

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Caring for, cleansing & charging crystals

In this module you will find out how to cleanse, care for and charge your crystals.

Lesson 1 - A Brief Summary of the Chakra System

Chakras seem to be mentioned everywhere these day which is great but what are they?  An online search will reveal a myriad of information about them but sometimes it can all be a little overwhelming.  In this series of classes I hope to de-mystify the chakra system a little and take you on a journey through the system from the base chakra to the crown chakra. 

Rather than regurgitating the information you can easily find online I thought I would draw inspiration from a wonderful book I have read recently called "The Wheels of Life" by Anodea Judith and take you through each chakra and try to explain how to work with the energy of each to bring about balance, health and harmony to your life.

Lesson 2 - The Root Chakra

The Root Chakra

Let's start our journey through the chakra system by looking at the base or root chakra.  The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Muladhara which means root support.  It is located at the base of the spine and is associated with the adrenal glands, the lower back and lower limbs, kidneys and immune system.  A dysfunctional base chakra can be indicated by lower back problems, sciatica, rectal problems, varicose veins or immune problems.

Lesson 3 - The Sacral Chakra

Last time we looked at the base chakra and discussed the concepts of grounding, limitation and manifestation.  This next class on our journey through the chakra system will focus on the sacral chakra which is all about transformation and change. 

The sacral chakra is located just beneath your navel and it resonates with the colour orange and the moon.  Crystals associated with this chakra are carnelian, sun-stone and moonstone, to name but a few.  The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Svadisthana which translates as "one's own abode".  This is the seat of our creativity and our needs.

Lesson 4 - The Solar Plexus Chakra

This time as we move upwards on our journey through the chakra system we will look at the solar plexus chakra.  This chakra is all about fire in your belly!  The power of fire; autonomy, will, energy, metabolism and self-esteem.


The solar plexus chakra is located just beneath your diaphragm - the soft area just beneath your rib cage.  This is where we often feel butterflies in our tummy.  When this chakra is underactive we can feel nervous, over-sensitive or highly strung.  When it is grounded and working in balance it empowers us and revitalises us.  

Lesson 5 - The Heart Chakra

Last time we looked at the solar plexus chakra and learned about action and will.  As we move onwards on our journey through the chakra system we come now to the softer glow of the heart chakra.

The heart chakra is located in the centre of the chest and is governed by the element of air.  The Sanskrit name of this chakra is Anahata which literally translates as "sound that is made without two things striking” – also unstruck, unhurt, fresh & clean.  When this chakra is free from old hurt or grief its opening is innocent, radiant and fresh. This chakra replaces the fight of the third chakra with acceptance.  If the third chakra has done its job then our circumstances are easier to accept.

Lesson 6 - The Throat Chakra

As we move onwards on our journey through the chakra system we now reach the throat chakra.  As you would guess this is located in the neck and is all about communication.  

Whereas the lower chakras are all governed by various elements, earth, water, fire and air the upper chakras are governed by spirit.  However I like to think of this chakra as governed by sound as it is the seat of our communication and vocals.  

Lesson 7 - The Brow Chakra

We are approaching the end of our journey through the chakra system as we now reach the brow or third eye chakra.  

This chakra is located in the forehead between and just above the eyes.  It corresponds with indigo and its Sanskrit name is Ajna which literally means to perceive or to command.  The upper chakras do not necessarily have an element associated with them like the lower ones do as the upper ones are all covered by Spirit but I think it would be a safe assumption to say that this chakra would be governed by light.

Lesson 8 - The Crown Chakra

We are almost at the end of our journey through the chakra system as we now look at the crown chakra.  

The Sanskrit name for this chakra is Sahasrara which literally means thousand fold.  It is depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand petals.  It is the seat of our consciousness and understanding.  

Physically it relates to our central nervous system and malfunction in this chakra can be linked to depression, feelings of alienation, confusion, boredom, apathy and inability to learn.

It resonates with violet and white.  Gold, amethyst, quartz and diamonds are all good for helping to restore balance to this chakra which sits at the top of our head.

Lesson 9 - Putting it Together

Let's put it all together - after all the chakras do not exist independently of each other - they are interconnected and form a circuit of energy.  Each one relies on another.  As we move up we go towards freedom, liberation from constraints and enlightenment.  We also need then to move back down through them in order to manifest our thoughts and ideas we need limitation as discussed in earlier articles.  The movement up and down go hand in hand.  We apply our newly found knowledge and understanding to the world around us.  

Lesson 10 - Next Steps

Recommended Reading and next steps, plus how to get your certificate.

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